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Member ID Name Photo Batch Program Profession Blood Group Contact Email
Member ID Name Photo Batch Program Profession Blood Group Contact Email
PUA-00001 SM Mehdi Akram 1 B.Sc in CSE IT Professional AB+ 01973245450 [email protected]
PUA-00002 Kh Hasanuzzaman 2 BBA Director, Dania Mechinaries O+ 01617038173 [email protected]
PUA-00003 Sarowar Nafi 3 LLB (Hons.) Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Prime University AB+ 01711704837 [email protected]
PUA-00004 Md. Saiful Islam (Saif) 29 BBA O+ 01713968628 [email protected]
PUA-00005 Tania Nosrat 3 LLB (Hons.) Sr. Lecturer, Depertment of Law, Prime University B+ 01716383962 [email protected]
PUA-00006 Rakib Uddin 13 BA (Hons) in English Assistant Professor, Department of English, Prime University B+ 01866966836 [email protected]
PUA-00007 Md. Abdul Awal 25 MA in English Assistant Professor, Department of English, Prime University O+ 01925991078 [email protected]
PUA-00008 Sharmin Taz Luna 7 LLB (Hons.) Lecturer, Depertment of Law, Prime University O+ [email protected]
PUA-00009 Foisal Ahmed 6 B.Sc in ETE Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, O+ 01916861826 [email protected]
PUA-00010 Shuvodip Das 9 B.Sc in ETE Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Prime University O+ 01711179879 [email protected]
PUA-00011 Md. Emrul Kayes 35 LLB (Hons.) Principal officer, Grameen Bank, Head office, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216 B+ 01717152260 [email protected]
PUA-00012 Md. Abdush Shahid Chowdhury 35 LLB (Hons.) Asst. Director (Admin), BTRC B+ 01552202726 [email protected]
PUA-00013 Md. Shafiul Islam 31 LLB (Hons.) Junior Advocate at Dhaka Judge Court A+ 01723684340 [email protected]
PUA-00014 Md. Abdul Quaium 31 LLB (Hons.) Dhaka Bar B+ 01745440105 [email protected]
PUA-00015 Md. Azizul Hoque Sifat 31 LLB (Hons.) Dhaka Bar O+ 01670859648 [email protected]
PUA-00016 Md. Mahamudul Hasan 31 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate, Manikgong O+ 01725781965
PUA-00017 Md. Shahabul Alam 30 LLB (Hons.) Lalmonirhat Bar A+ 01725894852 [email protected]
PUA-00018 Md. Parvez Talukder 31 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01797556814 [email protected]
PUA-00019 Mahmudul Hasan Sabuj 31 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01612260159 [email protected]
PUA-00020 Md. Ayub Khan 29 LLB (Hons.) No O+ 01723720584
PUA-00021 Tonima Sultana 31 LLB (Hons.) No O+ [email protected]
PUA-00022 Dr. A. S. M. Kadir Kibria 18 LLB (Hons.) Advocate B+ 01718083483 [email protected]
PUA-00023 Rabaka Sultana 31 LLB (Hons.) B+ [email protected]
PUA-00024 Md. Mozzamel Huq 31 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate, Gazipur Bar AB+ 01911734024
PUA-00025 Sheikh Khodadel 31 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01994366371 [email protected]
PUA-00026 Mohammed Lal Miah 43 LLM (2 Years) Advocate Judge Court, Manikganj AB+ 01731702312
PUA-00027 Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad 23 LLB (2 Years) Advocate, Judge Court, Manikganj AB+ 01828137284
PUA-00028 Firoj Ahamed 16 LLB (Hons.) Business O+ 01718131613 [email protected]
PUA-00029 Md. Golam Mawla 32 LLB (2 Years) Vice President & Head of Law & Recovery Division, Standard Bank Ltd. B+ 01932350014 [email protected]
PUA-00030 Jewel Miah 13 B.Sc in ETE Deputy Manager(Operation) B+ 01733745775 [email protected]
PUA-00031 Md. Nazrul Islam 27 MA in English Ass. Teacher AB+ 01712138442 [email protected]
PUA-00032 Md. Mizanur Rahman 34 MA in English Lecturer, Milestone School & Collage, Dhaka B- 01719990251 [email protected]
PUA-00033 Md. Zahidul Alam Patwary 29 BBA Head of Education at Human Aid Bangladesh A+ 01737224182 [email protected]
PUA-00034 Ashiya Akter 4 LLB (Hons.) Senior Lecturer, Dept of Law, Prime University O+ 01817544953 [email protected]
PUA-00035 Goutam Chandra Shil 35 LLB (2 Years) General Manager A+ 01970022533 [email protected]
PUA-00036 Md. Robel Bhuyain 6 BBA Operations Manager, R&A Conglomerate Ltd B- 01710538211 [email protected]
PUA-00037 Md. Rasel Miah 6 BBA Accountant, Dhaka Aviation Club Ltd. O+ 01717601980 [email protected]
PUA-00038 Md. Masud Rana (Suman) 29 BBA Accounts & IT, Life line Group B+ 01919-233470 [email protected]
PUA-00039 Dil Tanhur 32 LLB (Hons.) Welfare Organizer, Vocational Training Center for Blind B+ 01612644555 [email protected]
PUA-00040 Omar Faruq (Nirob) 30 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01682596959 [email protected]
PUA-00041 Habibur Rahman Khan Rana 36 LLB (2 Years) Assistant Officer, The Farmes Bank Ltd. O+ 01715315459 [email protected]
PUA-00042 Monira Ahmed 36 LLB (2 Years) N/A B+ 01711121814 [email protected]
PUA-00043 Fatematozzohra 29 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01745582990 [email protected]
PUA-00044 Masud Rana 20 B.Sc in CSE Lecturer, Dept.of ICT, Kaliakoir Degree College AB+ 01728-937885 [email protected]
PUA-00045 Mst. Ramicha Khatun 29 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01771088710 [email protected]
PUA-00046 Anjuman Ferdous 23 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01738347598 [email protected]
PUA-00047 Abdullah Al Mamun 22 LLB (2 Years) Advocate, Judge Court, Dhaka B+ 01713-241141 [email protected]
PUA-00048 Pallash Chandra Biswas 36 LLB (2 Years) Advocate, Judge Court, Manikjong O+ 01623-647960 [email protected]
PUA-00049 Bijoya Rani Tikader 32 LLB (2 Years) House Wife O+ 01758309610 [email protected]
PUA-00050 Prokash Chandra Debnath 35 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01713603560 [email protected]
PUA-00051 Md. Amranul Islam 35 LLB (2 Years) B+ 01710-730245 [email protected]
PUA-00052 Mohammad Shahin Sarder 27 LLB (Hons.) Advocate, Dhaka Bar Association O+ 01933130054 [email protected]
PUA-00053 Shumima Akter 20 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01710-379306 [email protected]
PUA-00054 Md. Roni Ahmed 29 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01732282638 [email protected]
PUA-00055 Ashiqur Rahaman 29 LLB (Hons.) Advocate, Judge Court, Dhaka B+ 01911625603 [email protected]
PUA-00056 Md. Abdul Aziz 33 LLB (2 Years) Director, Seba Group A+ 01713-505497 [email protected]
PUA-00057 Razzak Hossain Raj 22 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01710071321 [email protected]
PUA-00058 Md. Musa Siddique Khan 33 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01818769307 [email protected]
PUA-00059 Yousof Ali 30 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01747-938648 [email protected]
PUA-00060 Md. Nazib Ullah 13 B.Sc in ETE Service Manager, AV division, IOE (Bangladesh) O+ 01717114097 [email protected]
PUA-00061 Mahmud Hasan Nishan 28 BBA Director, Shopan Builders. Director (HRM) O+ 01819698391 [email protected]
PUA-00062 Mohammad Yunus Bhuiyan 32 LLB (Hons.) Assistant Registrar, Jagannath University, O+ 01558330413 [email protected]
PUA-00063 Mohammad Jahidul Azad 25 MA in English Assistant Professor, Department of English, Prime University B+ 01916-570158 [email protected]
PUA-00064 Mst. Mollika Akter 40 MA in English O+ 01925-991078 [email protected]
PUA-00065 Md. Emon Islam Khan 39 MA in English Commercial Executive, Impress Fashion Limited O+ 01819628765 [email protected]
PUA-00066 Easadi Newaz 31 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01799499823 [email protected]
PUA-00067 Quazi Ruhani Khatun 31 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01965411363 [email protected]
PUA-00068 Md. Sahidur Rahman 31 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01945495557 [email protected]
PUA-00069 Md. Halimuzzaman Chowdhury 31 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01916-519464 [email protected]
PUA-00070 Mohammad Mejanur Rahman Talukder 35 MA in English GSA, Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. O+ 01552395518 [email protected]
PUA-00071 Sohel Ahmed 19 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01705066713
PUA-00072 Jesmin Akter 29 MA in English O+ 01676665601 [email protected]
PUA-00073 Md. Solaiman 31 BA (Hons) in English Manager, DESCO O+ 01741-365687 [email protected]
PUA-00074 Md. Parvez 29 BA (Hons) in English N/A 01910-134107 [email protected]
PUA-00075 Md. Badruzzaman 31 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01961-943014 [email protected]
PUA-00076 Md. Kaushar 29 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01735-195312 [email protected]
PUA-00077 Abdullahil Kafi 23 BA (Hons) in English Teacher, Dept of English, Mirpur International Tutorial B+ 01750-614597 [email protected]
PUA-00078 Md. Sohel Rana 20 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01921829744 [email protected]
PUA-00079 Shah Johurul Islam 20 LLB (Hons.) Advocate at District & Sessions Court, Dhaka B+ 01689-608524 [email protected]
PUA-00080 Jannati Akter Lucy 41 MA in English A+ 01741289395 [email protected]
PUA-00081 Sifunnaher 35 LLM (2 Years) A+ 01951306030 [email protected]
PUA-00082 Md. Rasel Sarkar 20 B.Sc in ETE Graduate Research Assistant at University of Malaya B+ +60188734373 [email protected]
PUA-00083 Sayeda Nashid Farzana 2 LLB (Hons.) Advocate, High Court Division O+ 01755655363 [email protected]
PUA-00084 Nahid Farzana 15 MBA Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Prime University O- 01714208940 [email protected]
PUA-00085 Liton Gain 38 MA in English Senior Teacher (English) O- 016867-688810 [email protected]
PUA-00086 Marshia Afrin 41 MA in English B+ 01559-025059 [email protected]
PUA-00087 Naymul Islam 32 BA (Hons) in English AB+ 01778-319138 [email protected]
PUA-00088 Md. Abdul Mozid 32 BA (Hons) in English AB+ 01783-666295 [email protected]
PUA-00089 Joya Khanam 32 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01688-733407 [email protected]
PUA-00090 Md. Mamun 32 BA (Hons) in English B- 01989-708747 [email protected]
PUA-00091 Shayda Binte Islam 32 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01618-302300 [email protected]
PUA-00092 Jannatul Ferdous 32 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01703-307088 [email protected]
PUA-00093 Ashik Mahmud 21 BBA Management Trainee Officer (MTO), AB Bank Ltd. B+ 01710-912693 [email protected]
PUA-00094 Asma Akter 31 BBA AB+ 01757-963161 [email protected]
PUA-00095 Sheuly Parvin 32 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01782168503 [email protected]
PUA-00096 Md. Mosharaf Hossain 32 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01723-430158 [email protected]
PUA-00097 Md. Forhad Ahmed 40 MA in English Business N/A 0181-8838414 [email protected]
PUA-00098 Md. Nazmul Islam 32 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01745520081 [email protected]
PUA-00099 Dewan Sharif Mahmud 41 MA in English B- 01733652531 [email protected]
PUA-00100 Rubi Akter 32 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01983824447 [email protected]
PUA-00101 Sharmeen Seraj 33 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01819262239 [email protected]
PUA-00102 Md. Aslam Uddin 39 MA in English O+ 01914127377 [email protected]
PUA-00103 Mehedi Hasan 29 BBA B+ 01795880979 [email protected]
PUA-00104 Rabeya Mujib 29 BBA O+ 01709120524 [email protected]
PUA-00105 Kamrul Islam Chowdhury 29 BBA Manager O+ 01920716673 [email protected]
PUA-00106 Subrota Saha 29 BBA B+ 01670087505 [email protected]
PUA-00107 Afzal Hossain 29 BBA B+ 01709120601 [email protected]
PUA-00108 Alamin Khan 29 BBA O+ 01735384882 [email protected]
PUA-00109 Bishwajit Ghosh 29 BBA O+ 01915370061 [email protected]
PUA-00110 Mohammad Mogibur Rahman Miazee 37 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01732315914 [email protected]
PUA-00111 Md. Mostafizur Rahman 32 LLB (Hons.) Provisional Advocate O+ 01711217193 [email protected]
PUA-00112 Alamgir Hossain 41 MA in English A+ 01778746495
PUA-00113 Md. Shafiqul Islam 37 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01711240878
PUA-00114 Mst. Sumaiya Jahan 40 MA in English N/A 01672095504
PUA-00115 Papiya Begum 35 MA in English B+ 01710587890 [email protected]
PUA-00116 Nizam Uddin 35 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01716566926 [email protected]
PUA-00117 Md. Robiul Awal 32 LLB (2 Years) Business O+ 01819-381337 [email protected]
PUA-00118 Margia Farhana 32 LLB (2 Years) O+ 01718-170179 [email protected]
PUA-00119 Hasan Mohammad Shariful Haque 36 LLB (Hons.) Manager, GASHR 4KK BD Ltd. AB+ 01552375073 [email protected]
PUA-00120 Md. Ziaul Huq Milton Sikder 33 LLB (Hons.) Advocate, Dhaka Bar Association A+ 01711709259 [email protected]
PUA-00121 Zakia Ahmed 32 LLB (Hons.) Asst. Teacher, Govt. Primary School A+ 01617661689 [email protected]
PUA-00122 Tania Akter 36 LLB (2 Years) Executive of Income Tax, Islam & Jahid & Co. B+ 01718-228139 [email protected]
PUA-00123 Muhammad Mizanur Rahman 32 LLB (Hons.) Business B+ 01779098935 [email protected]
PUA-00124 Syed Emdadul Hoque 30 BBA O+ 01912-958480 [email protected]
PUA-00125 Shahareya Shahab Pinky 30 BA (Hons) in English N/A 01822003982 [email protected]
PUA-00126 Bodrun Nahar 28 BBA Assistant Teacher, 9 No Chotoraypara Govt. Primary School A+ 01729-099732 [email protected]
PUA-00127 S.M. Murshedul Hasan 33 LLB (Hons.) Deputy Director, Ligal Aid Foundation B+ 01712015554 [email protected]
PUA-00128 Sazia Sharmin 29 LLB (2 Years) A+ 01740-854025 [email protected]
PUA-00129 Md. Tajul Islam 37 LLB (Hons.) Company Secretary, Central Pharmaceutics, Limited B+ 01814655831 [email protected]
PUA-00130 Sabrina Rahman (Supti) 35 MA in English Bangladesh Cancer Socity Medical Assistant Tranning School B- 01536-057754 [email protected]
PUA-00131 Najmus Saadat Md. Shameem 29 LLB (Hons.) Apprentice Lawer O+ 01747728531 [email protected]
PUA-00132 Md. Kawchar Alam Chowdhury 32 LLB (2 Years) Manager, Admin & General Service, SMC O+ 01715-591979 [email protected]
PUA-00133 A N M Ibrahim Khan 37 LLM (Preliminary And Final) CEO B+ 01615219900 [email protected]
PUA-00134 Md. Mozahed Hossain 24 LLB (Hons.) Advocate B+ 01814216096 [email protected]
PUA-00135 Md. Zahidul Hoque 30 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01713-235623 [email protected]
PUA-00136 Abu Maeen Siddique 30 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01713-235624 [email protected]
PUA-00137 Md. Ibrahim 30 LLB (Hons.) A+ N/A [email protected]
PUA-00138 Ahammed Sultan Shahariar 24 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01918-436040 [email protected]
PUA-00139 Md. Abdur Rob 29 LLB (Hons.) Manager, Coronet Corporation Ltd. O+ 01711790132 [email protected]
PUA-00140 Nujhat Faija Abida 39 LLM (1 Year) AB+ 01852726661 [email protected]
PUA-00141 Md. Jahidur Rahman 29 BBA A+ 01673424041 [email protected]
PUA-00142 Mizanur Rahman 29 BBA B+ 01677200425 [email protected]
PUA-00143 Md. Ashaduzzaman Noyon 29 BBA A+ 01744380024 [email protected]
PUA-00144 Md. Sanwaer Hossain 29 BBA N/A 01777525262
PUA-00145 Farhasna Rahman 31 BBA B+ 01620388252 [email protected]
PUA-00146 Sadiya Afrin 31 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01783084059
PUA-00147 Azizur Rahman 29 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01672782382 [email protected]
PUA-00148 Md. Mehedi Hasan 29 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01911871415 [email protected]
PUA-00149 Md. Rakibul Islam 29 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01750664179 [email protected]
PUA-00150 Md. Hasan Howlader 37 MA in English Principal of Akata High School B+ 01929564821 [email protected]
PUA-00151 Md. Humayun Kabir 18 BA (Hons) in English Data Analyst & QA Tester, at Optimal IT Ltd. A+ 01912941497 [email protected]
PUA-00152 Umme Jabunnahar 30 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01832890514 [email protected]
PUA-00153 Sahera Akther 21 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01727890551 [email protected]
PUA-00154 Md. Yousuf 5 BA (Hons) in English Sub Inspector of Bangladesh Police AB+ 01710052996 [email protected]
PUA-00155 Mst. Tilokthara 30 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01795267912
PUA-00156 Abdur Rahman 29 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01794725039 [email protected]
PUA-00157 Gazi Abdus Shakur 18 BA (Hons) in English Principal A+ 01729478414 [email protected]
PUA-00158 Jahed Miah 29 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01714335605 [email protected]
PUA-00159 Mohammad Rakib-ul Hasan 29 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01557616060 [email protected]
PUA-00160 Iftakhar Jillani 29 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate N/A 01682200821
PUA-00161 Kazi Mehedy Hasan 37 MA in English B+ 01723020419 [email protected]
PUA-00162 Md. Monir Hossain 30 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01721081236 [email protected]
PUA-00163 Badal Hossain 26 BA (Hons) in English Teacher B+ 01829372762 [email protected]
PUA-00164 Tapas Sen 28 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01925934557 [email protected]
PUA-00165 Md. Mijanur Rahman 27 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01878930574 [email protected]
PUA-00166 Md.Ekbal Husan 23 BA (Hons) in English Assistant Head Teacher B+ 01864355535 [email protected]
PUA-00167 Owadud Ahmed Ripon 26 BA (Hons) in English Assistant Teacher (English) of Samota Model High School. A+ 01723363163 [email protected]
PUA-00168 Mosammat Shabiqun Nahar 29 LLB (Hons.) Practice in Court AB+ 01671961650 [email protected]
PUA-00169 Md. Babul Akter 20 BA (Hons) in English Head of Sales B+ 01778900509 [email protected]
PUA-00170 Moshammad Shahina Akter 41 Master of Education Headmistress B+ 01819111097 [email protected]
PUA-00171 Md. Nazmul Islam 29 BA (Hons) in English Assistant Merchandiser A+ 01571724283 [email protected]
PUA-00172 Mst. Rima Khan 41 LLM (1 Year) Practice in Court B+ 01913017636 [email protected]
PUA-00173 Sathi Parvin 29 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01764797330
PUA-00174 Md. Salman Khan 28 BA (Hons) in English Contructor AB+ 01736131264 [email protected]
PUA-00175 Md. Ismail Hossain 28 BA (Hons) in English B- 01726011549 [email protected]
PUA-00176 Nabin Kumar Modak 21 BA (Hons) in English Teacher O+ 01723309108 [email protected]
PUA-00177 Reshma Mahmuda 23 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01790593979 [email protected]
PUA-00178 Farheen Sultana 38 MA in English Teacher O+ 01674-649772 [email protected]
PUA-00179 Moriom Akter 22 BA (Hons) in English Assistant English Teacher, Basher Uddin Adarsha School & College O+ 01921-237963 [email protected]
PUA-00180 Ariful Islam 40 MA in English Teacher O+ 01759-254887 [email protected]
PUA-00181 Kamrun Naher Koly 40 MA in English Teacher O+ 01912022653 [email protected]
PUA-00182 Kazi Nusrath Farhana 40 Bachelor of Education Teacher, School of Hop AB+ 01822-652249 [email protected]
PUA-00183 Shamima Sultana 25 BA (Hons) in English Self Emplyment O+ 01922345863 [email protected]
PUA-00184 Shahidul Islam 24 BBA Front Executive Officer, Hotel Sweet Dream A+ 01918-028537 [email protected]
PUA-00185 Gita Rani Mazumder 40 Master of Education Assistant Teacher, School of Hope O+ 01716-736881 [email protected]
PUA-00186 Samia Laboni 41 MA in English A+ 01819-805830 [email protected]
PUA-00187 Md. Murad Hossain 42 Master of Education Senior Teacher, Muzaffar Ali High School & College O- 01715-589169 [email protected]
PUA-00188 Zannatul Ferdous 20 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01762-071735 [email protected]
PUA-00189 Asma Rahman Ripa 20 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01674-176083 [email protected]
PUA-00190 Sazzadul Kabir 21 BA (Hons) in English Computer Operator, JKKNIU, O+ 01712-660916 [email protected]
PUA-00191 Md. Samsuzzaman 41 MA in English Senior Teacher, Muzaffar Ali High School & College N/A 01994-414830 [email protected]
PUA-00192 Md. Jahanjir Alam 31 BA (Hons) in English AB+ 01917-191914 [email protected]
PUA-00193 Shohel Rana Uzzal 28 BBA Inventory & Cash Management Officer, ACI Logistics Ltd O+ 01676144922 [email protected]
PUA-00194 Tasnia Khatun 31 BBA AB+ 01737-983559 [email protected]
PUA-00195 Tauhidul Islam 35 LLB (Hons.) Group Company Secretary, Anwar Group of Industries. A+ 01711704554 [email protected]
PUA-00196 Tanveer Ahmad 19 BBA A+ 01714777429 [email protected]
PUA-00197 Mahafuza Ferdous 19 BBA N/A A+ 01713166799 [email protected]
PUA-00198 Md. Sazzad Hossain 28 BBA O+ 01723950313 [email protected]
PUA-00199 Jafar Ahmed 19 BBA Associate Manager O+ 01917834986 [email protected]
PUA-00200 Md. Rezwanul Alam 19 BBA Business Development Manager O+ 01745131033 [email protected]
PUA-00201 Rasel 19 BBA Executive, Account Payable AB+ 01712762623 [email protected]
PUA-00202 Md. Fahim Azmal 19 BBA Account Officer B+ 01912015188 [email protected]
PUA-00203 Sharmin Akter 19 BBA iCon Academy O+ 01557030318
PUA-00204 Nazmun Nahar Popy 41 MA in English B+ 01675078607 [email protected]
PUA-00205 Md. Hasan Ali 39 MA in English Assistant Teacher B+ 01919883197
PUA-00206 Most Rabeya Begum 42 LLB (2 Years) N/A 01916581954
PUA-00207 Irina Habil 39 MA in English Assistant Teacher A+ 01787715427 [email protected]
PUA-00208 Nishat Ara Karim 32 BA (Hons) in English B- 01670226776 [email protected]
PUA-00209 Redoana Sultana 31 BBA AB+ 01762757259 [email protected]
PUA-00210 Suraiya Akhter 28 BBA B+ 01741902374 [email protected]
PUA-00211 Rajib Uddin 28 BBA CA Student, Howladar Yunus & Co. O+ 01912-711991 [email protected]
PUA-00212 Md. Jasim Uddin Molla 34 LLM (2 Years) ADC, Mirpur Zone N/A 01715-179464 [email protected]
PUA-00213 Nazmin Khanam 33 LLB (2 Years) N/A
PUA-00214 Md. Tafazzal Hossain 8 BA (Hons) in English Sub-Inspector of Police B+ 01716-787884 [email protected]
PUA-00215 Md. Mostafizur Rahman 41 MA in English Teacher O+ 01825364911 [email protected]
PUA-00216 Md. Nasir Uddin 31 BA (Hons) in English Branch Manager AB+ 01748208364 [email protected]
PUA-00217 Anisur Rahman 29 BA (Hons) in English Assistant Teacher B+ 01758652010
PUA-00218 Md. Moshiur Rahman 25 BA (Hons) in English International Marketing A+ 01703780833
PUA-00219 Md. Mubarak Hossain 29 BA (Hons) in English AB+ 01758068355
PUA-00220 Jannatun Ferdous 26 BBA B+ 01753088355 [email protected]
PUA-00221 Adv. Md. Abdul Latif 7 LLB (Hons.) Advocate B+ 01710484577 [email protected]
PUA-00222 Sultan Al Moheun 30 BBA AB+ 01937-770720 [email protected]
PUA-00223 Mst. Jannatul Ferdous 29 BA (Hons) in English Teacher O+ 01725605551 [email protected]
PUA-00224 Shamima Akter 23 BBA B+ 01732868531 [email protected]
PUA-00225 Mollik Mohammad Risul Islam 41 Bachelor of Education AB+ 01912148478
PUA-00226 Most. Rahmatun Nahar 40 MA in English AB+ 01915945859
PUA-00227 Md. Muklesur Rahman 34 LLM (2 Years) B+ 01713585321 [email protected]
PUA-00228 Mst. Nur-A Jannat 16 BA (Hons) in English Teacher A+ 01914571540
PUA-00229 Syeda Rebeka Sultana 41 Master of Education Teacher O+ 01712152866 [email protected]
PUA-00230 Bernice Mou Hira 41 Master of Education Teacher B- 01741716197 [email protected]
PUA-00231 Zeba Afroza 36 LLB (2 Years) Project Co Ordinator A+ 01716232271 [email protected]
PUA-00232 Golam Muktadir Bin shaharab 31 LLM (2 Years) B+ 01792911222 [email protected]
PUA-00233 Sk. Sadikur Rashid 10 LLB (Hons.) Asst. Officer of Basic Bank A+ 01720611355
PUA-00234 Md. Aoulad Hossain 26 LLB (Hons.) Apprentce Advocate B- 01687616070 [email protected]
PUA-00235 Sima Akter 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate AB- 01705375755
PUA-00236 Touhid Hasan 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate O+ 01670465089 [email protected]
PUA-00237 Md. Abid Hasan 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate B+ 01722788303 [email protected]
PUA-00238 Nafisa Nawar Chowdhury 30 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate B+ 01798619839 [email protected]
PUA-00239 Asmaul Hosna Poly 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate O+ 01686181275 [email protected]
PUA-00240 Arbinda Kumar Aditya 31 B.Sc in EEE S.A.E in L.E.D AB+ 01712599966
PUA-00241 Shanchita Parvin 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate B+ 01740406147 [email protected]
PUA-00242 Mousumi Akter 31 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate B+ 01626547056 [email protected]
PUA-00243 Md. Samiul Tanvir 31 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate B+ 01937023348 [email protected]
PUA-00244 Sabrina Islam 28 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01942788285 [email protected]
PUA-00245 Rehena Akter 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate A+ 01776078650 [email protected]
PUA-00246 Md. Sohag Babu 30 MBA GM Of Lct Kutuadia Ship & Resort O+ 01748-778878 [email protected]
PUA-00247 Md. Hasan Al Banna 29 LLB (Hons.) N/A
PUA-00248 Md. Romanujjaman Chowdhury 7 B.Sc in ETE Manager A+ 01818363301 [email protected]
PUA-00249 Md. Kamrul Hasan 5 B.Sc in ETE Won Business N/A 01716399497
PUA-00250 Rakubul Hassan 32 LLB (Hons.) Pupil Advocate O+ 01930390967 [email protected]
PUA-00251 Md. Tareque Aziz 29 B.Sc in EEE Asst.Manager, Akij particle Board Mills Ltd. (AKij Group) B+ 01718768415 [email protected]
PUA-00252 Mubasshara Akhter 38 MA in English A+ 01729722646
PUA-00253 Tania Islam Liza 38 MA in English Teacher A+ 01782068343 [email protected]
PUA-00254 Md. Rasel Mia 29 B.Sc in CSE System Support Engineer, BJIT Limited O+ 01827360203 [email protected]
PUA-00255 Mir Abu Syed 29 B.Sc in CSE Manager (Sales), Technology Source Limited B+ 01611228238 [email protected]
PUA-00256 Asaduzzaman Jewel 12 B.Sc in ETE Advocate, Judge Court, Shariatpur A+ 01914724039 [email protected]
PUA-00257 Mosa. Ruma Akter 32 LLB (Hons.) O- 01741948241
PUA-00258 Anwaor Hossain Anwaor Hossain 17 BBA Assistant Registrar, Prime University O+ 01866966833 [email protected]
PUA-00259 Anjuman Ara 17 BBA O+ 6462675724 [email protected]
PUA-00260 Abu Hanif 17 BBA Director, Bangla Marketing Agency A+ 01911937082 [email protected]
PUA-00261 Md. Ariful Islam 29 B.Sc in EEE Chief Engineer of JadRoo Machinery Ltd. O+ 01716599704 [email protected]
PUA-00262 Md. Moniruzzaman 7 BBA Asst. Manager, Sales & Marketing A+ 01817298918 [email protected]
PUA-00263 A.K.M Bahauddin Quraishi 12 BBA FIRST EXECUTIVE OFFICER AB+ 01716214461 [email protected]
PUA-00264 Tapon Sana 12 BBA FIRST OFFICER B+ 01914070702 [email protected]
PUA-00265 Abdullah Hasan 12 BBA SENIOR EXECUTIVE – SALES B+ 01716062824 [email protected]
PUA-00266 Md. Tofazzal Hossain 40 Master of Education Head Master of Police Line High School O+ 01615-920029 [email protected]
PUA-00267 Md. Abdul Hannan 40 Master of Education Head Master of Rafiquddin Adarsha Memorial High School A+ 01716-075474 [email protected]
PUA-00268 Md. Milon Hossen 42 Bachelor of Education AB+ 01723-504168 [email protected]
PUA-00269 Md. Ismail 40 Master of Education Head Master of Comilla Victoria Collegiate School, Adarsha Sadar, Comilla B+ 01818715184 [email protected]
PUA-00270 Md. Emdadul Hanif 19 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01911907400 [email protected]
PUA-00271 Md. Mahmodonnabi 21 BBA A+ 01916424983 [email protected]
PUA-00272 Mohammad Moudud Ahmed 13 LLB (Hons.) Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh N/A
PUA-00273 Md. Jahidul Islam 27 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01685798719 [email protected]
PUA-00274 Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhury 19 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01876886517
PUA-00275 Arafat Hossain 29 BBA B+ 01728849457 [email protected]
PUA-00276 Halima Khatun Shorovi 29 BBA B+ 01736406137 [email protected]
PUA-00277 Fateh Muhammad Abtahe 28 BBA Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Division, Union Bank Ltd. B+ 01717638637 [email protected]
PUA-00278 Adv. Halima Khatun 13 LLM (2 Years) A+ 01716128881
PUA-00279 S.M. Mashrul Alam 1st LLB (2 Years) Lawyer A+ 01975221973 [email protected]
PUA-00280 Sardar Rokonuzzaman 13 LLM (1 Year) B- 0171200097
PUA-00281 Md. Khalilur Rahman 1st LLM (2 Years) A+ 01711532956
PUA-00282 Md. Salim Uddin 11 MBA Asst. Registrar A+ 01715658485 [email protected]
PUA-00283 Nasrin Pervin 19 B.Sc in ETE Managing Director A+ 01972881823 [email protected]
PUA-00284 Md. Hasan Islam Monir 14 LLB (2 Years) Asst. Manager O+ 01712550311 [email protected]
PUA-00285 MD. Razib Miah 29 LLB (Hons.) N/A O+ 01766013375 [email protected]
PUA-00286 Mahammad Masud Rana 15 B.Sc in ETE Assistant Manager (Field Maintenance) A+ 01715156977 [email protected]
PUA-00287 Shariful Islam 14 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01713456382 [email protected]
PUA-00288 Kazi Md. Moniruzzaman 3 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01711019616
PUA-00289 Muzammel Haque 30 LLB (Hons.) Advocate A+ 01712183025 [email protected]
PUA-00290 Fahmeda Akter Alin 32 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01772828380 [email protected]
PUA-00291 Tauhidul Islam Muhammad Tauhid 15 BA (Hons) in English HT(34th BCS Non-cadre),DPE B+ 01911626281 [email protected]
PUA-00292 M. Moydul Islam 30 B.Sc in ETE Officer N/A 01729245384
PUA-00293 Saffat Homayra 17 LLB (Hons.) Lecturer, Department of Law O+ 01919443276 [email protected]
PUA-00294 Syed Muhammad Moyej 31 BBA Jr. Accounts Executive B+ 01924407244 [email protected]
PUA-00295 Safuat Mursida Priya 28 BBA AB+ 01975570903 [email protected]
PUA-00296 Md. Azizur Rahman 32 BBA AB+ 01714936234 [email protected]
PUA-00297 S.M. Anamul Haque 36 LLM (2 Years) N/A
PUA-00298 Mohammed Mez Bah Uddin Ahmed 18 LLB (Hons.) Advocate B- 01793469135 [email protected]
PUA-00299 Shirin Akter 4 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01720119044 [email protected]
PUA-00300 Md. Abu Shameem 4 B.Sc in ETE Asst. Engineer B+ 01712890429 [email protected]
PUA-00301 Mohammad Abu Talha 30 B.Sc in CSE Graphics Designer N/A 01790675227 [email protected]
PUA-00302 Faysal Ahmed 32 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01677337680 [email protected]
PUA-00303 Shanzida Rahman 32 B.Sc in ETE O- 01773636210 [email protected]
PUA-00304 Sayfullah (Al Mamun) 33 B.Sc in EEE Owner at TEX BD AB+ 01911096886 [email protected]
PUA-00305 Md. Abdush Sobahan 23 B.Sc in ETE Founder & CEO of World Vision Enterprise O+ 01711407902
PUA-00306 Sajeda Sultana 31 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01717811692
PUA-00307 Md. Solaiman Badsha 19 LLB (Hons.) Senior Officer B+ 01922863130 [email protected]
PUA-00308 Farhad Alam 14 B.Sc in ETE AGM B+ 01715114473 [email protected]
PUA-00309 Kishore Kumar Halder 28 BBA Unemployed O+ 01812113442 [email protected]
PUA-00310 Kanai Mondal 36 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01744612763 [email protected]
PUA-00311 Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman 36 B.Sc in EEE MAWTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY A+ 01721346680 [email protected]
PUA-00312 Shishir Roy 36 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01990210840 [email protected]
PUA-00313 Md. Omit Hasan Nayme 32 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01736225554 [email protected]
PUA-00314 Md. Muzahedul Islam 32 B.Sc in EEE Tech Support Engineer, Wipro Limited. O+ 01777775044 [email protected]
PUA-00315 Md. Jahid Hasan 32 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01722088066 [email protected]
PUA-00316 Shake Anjuman Haque Sajal 31 B.Sc in EEE Sr. Engineer IESL B+ 01711958756 [email protected]
PUA-00317 Md. Juel Ali 30 B.Sc in EEE Asst. Manager (Service), Milontika Engineering Services O+ 01731525052 [email protected]
PUA-00318 Md. Helal Sk 14 BBA B+ 01714552233 [email protected]
PUA-00319 Rezaul karim 31 B.Sc in EEE Engineer (Machine maintenance) B+ 01736644959 [email protected]
PUA-00320 Md. Mehedi Hasan 17 BBA Executive O+ 01717054016 [email protected]
PUA-00321 Md. Aftabuzzaman 17 BBA N/A
PUA-00322 Md. Faizul Bari 33 B.Sc in EEE DESCO B- 01777739210 [email protected]
PUA-00323 Md Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan Mahruf 19 LLB (2 Years) Advocate AB+ 01715221463 [email protected]
PUA-00324 Md. Shamim Ahmed 23 BBA Asst. Manager O+ 01676236079 [email protected]
PUA-00325 Sheikh Pappu Raj 23 BBA Director A+ 01671782905 [email protected]
PUA-00326 Md. Mhatab Kayes 1 B.Sc in CSE N/A 01710454647 [email protected]
PUA-00327 Mustakim Hossain 31 BBA Customer Manager A+ 01846751704 [email protected]
PUA-00328 Md. Saiful Islam 31 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01680281907 [email protected]
PUA-00329 Md. Jabed Masud 26 MBA Accounts Officer, Prime University O+ 01730977075 [email protected]
PUA-00330 Ahsan Habib 25 BBA Online Entrepreneur B+ 01738210268 [email protected]
PUA-00331 Taslima Sultana Munia 45 MBA N/A 01954439061 [email protected]
PUA-00332 Dr. SM Forhad Hossain 3 MBA ADDL SP. Special Branch, Malibag A+ 01732986502 [email protected]
PUA-00333 Md. Masuduzzaman Rubel 10 LLB (Hons.) Advocate to Dhaka Judge Court O+ 01710114747
PUA-00334 Jebun Nessa Julee 13 BBA Teacher B+ 01710114747
PUA-00335 Elizabeth Esi Mensah 42 Master of Education Teacher, Canadian T. School B+ 01706319046
PUA-00336 Encoh Tettey Angmor 42 Others Teacher, Canadian T. School O- 01706319047 [email protected]
PUA-00337 Atiar Rahman 21 BA (Hons) in English Assistant Professor N/A 01715010006
PUA-00338 Asaduzzaman Biplob 11 B.Sc in EEE Deputy General Manager (DGM) N/A 01711368415
PUA-00339 Md. Rayhan Uddin 19 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01618021095 [email protected]
PUA-00340 Md. Syful Islam 33 LLM (1 Year) Lawyer at Iqbal Hossain & Associates AB+ 01711973205 [email protected]
PUA-00341 Md. Mushfiqur Rahman 21 LLB (Hons.) Lawyer AB+ 01711733441
PUA-00342 Meer Ahmed Hussain (Hasan) 39 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01670835940 [email protected]
PUA-00343 Md. Rajib Hossain 25 BBA Audit, Consumer Division, T.K. Group of Industries O+ 01737103885 [email protected]
PUA-00344 Rakibul Hasan 31 BBA B+ 01763123843 [email protected]
PUA-00345 Rakibul Hasan 26 BBA B+ 01748620155 [email protected]
PUA-00346 Md. Nazmul Islam (Nirob) 44 MBA Asst. Manager, Nurjahan Trading Corporation O+ [email protected]
PUA-00347 Md. Badiul Alam 25 LLB (2 Years) Rtd. Govt. Officials A+ 01711476283 [email protected]
PUA-00348 A.F.M. Golam Faruk 31 LLB (2 Years) A+ 01715447406 [email protected]
PUA-00349 Saiful Ibne Hasib 1 MCA Sports Psychologist, Football Coach N/A 01819438360 [email protected]
PUA-00350 Md. Mehedi Hasan (Nipu) 15 LLB (2 Years) Advocate N/A 01715214105
PUA-00351 Muhammad Shekh Jaman 16 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01716861074
PUA-00352 Minto Chandra Malakar 18 LLB (2 Years) A+
PUA-00353 Md. Mahmudul Hoque 18 LLB (2 Years) Advocate B+ 01714688086
PUA-00354 Mohammad Anwar Hossain Khan 18 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01752237085
PUA-00355 Md. Shaugat Hossain Khan 22 LLB (2 Years) A+ 01712258314
PUA-00356 Md. Jalal Uddin Ahmed 23 LLB (2 Years) Advocate A+ 01719340088
PUA-00357 Md. Imran Hossain Khan 23 LLB (2 Years) A+ 01712554426 [email protected]
PUA-00358 Abdullah Al-Masud 23 LLB (2 Years) O+ 01918638463
PUA-00359 Mohammad Zakir Hossain Khan 23 LLB (2 Years) Apprentice Advocate O+ 01741150543
PUA-00360 Samsul Islam 23 LLB (2 Years) Advocate N/A 01912803249 [email protected]
PUA-00361 Mohammad Hafizur Rahman 24 LLB (2 Years) A+ 01713620248 [email protected]
PUA-00362 Md. Aehsanul Quayyum Chowdhury 24 LLB (2 Years) Advocate A+ 01711334264 [email protected]
PUA-00363 Abdul Jalil 26 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01620523944
PUA-00364 Mohammad Shaha Alam Sarker 27 LLB (2 Years) AB+ 01843437577
PUA-00365 Md. Abul Kalam Azad 27 LLB (2 Years) B+ 01926958976
PUA-00366 Md. Nur Hossain 29 LLB (Hons.) Advocate N/A 01923966970
PUA-00367 Md. Ataur Rahman 29 LLB (Hons.) Business A+ 01712368102
PUA-00368 Mohammad Farok Hossen Mizi 31 LLB (2 Years) B+ 01721721927
PUA-00369 Muhammad Reazuddin 31 LLB (2 Years) Vill: Shakdi Panch Gon P.O: Algi Panch Gon P.S: Chandpur Dist.: Chandpur O+ 01717635353 [email protected]
PUA-00370 Tamanna Sultana 41 LLB (2 Years) Event Plus-"CEO" N/A 01760163256 [email protected]
PUA-00371 Dipak Chandra Duria 42 LLB (2 Years) A+ 01712443119
PUA-00372 Abul Kalam 42 LLB (2 Years) N/A 01721975398
PUA-00373 Sharifun Nahar 42 LLB (2 Years) AB+ 01834555649
PUA-00374 Babul Hossain 42 LLB (2 Years) Service in Navy N/A 01759638198
PUA-00375 Md. Rokibul Hasan 42 LLB (2 Years) B+ 01719475606
PUA-00376 Tapas Halder 42 LLB (2 Years) O+ 01914560424 [email protected]
PUA-00377 Sanjida Afrin 42 LLB (2 Years) B+ 01674839358 [email protected]
PUA-00378 Sree Pabitra Lal Sarkar 27 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01629552212
PUA-00379 Amran Miah 27 LLB (Hons.) Advocate N/A 01720488971
PUA-00380 Shamal Chandra Debnath 28 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01738065061
PUA-00381 Md. Belal Hosain 36 LLB (Hons.) Student(LLM) B+ 01706392190 [email protected]
PUA-00382 Zakir Hossain Kohinoor 23 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01731213737
PUA-00383 Tanu Kumar Sur 29 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01712334463 [email protected]
PUA-00384 Md. Belal Hossain 22 MBA Deputy Manager (Admin) B+ 01819184972 [email protected]
PUA-00385 Khondker Mobarra Halim 24 MBA Senior Principal Officer O+ 01717113005
PUA-00386 Md. Mehedi Hassan 36 MBA B+ 01974912444 [email protected]
PUA-00387 Noorjahan Sultana Bristy 41 MBA O+ 01630400906 [email protected]
PUA-00388 Md. Elias Hossain 43 MBA O+ 01830755201 [email protected]
PUA-00389 Sharmin Akter 43 MBA O+ 01767550373
PUA-00390 Sree. Bizon Kumar Bissas 43 MBA B- 01914057168 [email protected]
PUA-00391 Md. Rowshon Jaman -Rabby 44 MBA A+ 01739337640 [email protected]
PUA-00392 Md. Muslim Uddin 44 MBA B+ 01778769769 [email protected]
PUA-00393 Md. Saiful Islam 22 B.Sc in EEE Chief Instructor (Electrical) N/A 01716148170 [email protected]
PUA-00394 Md. Tariful Islam 23 B.Sc in EEE Supervision Engineer A+ 01758935430 [email protected]
PUA-00395 Md. Ashiqur Rahman 25 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01723788449 [email protected]
PUA-00396 Sumon Chandro Karmoker 29 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01774072436
PUA-00397 Md. Tuhinuzzaman Tuhin 31 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01710286365 [email protected]
PUA-00398 Md.Atiqur Rahman 37 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01745909234 [email protected]
PUA-00399 G. M. Obaydullah 45 Bachelor of Education Senior Teacher B+ 01712334465 [email protected]
PUA-00400 Al- Hamra Jahan 45 Bachelor of Education Asst. Teacher N/A 01732844399 [email protected]
PUA-00401 Afroja Khatun 45 Bachelor of Education Asst. Teacher A+ 01550040547
PUA-00402 Sohel Rana 45 Bachelor of Education Asst. Teacher O+ 015121215018 [email protected]
PUA-00403 Aysha Siddika 45 Master of Education Asst. Teacher B+ 01920990909
PUA-00404 Md. Shaidur Rahman 45 Master of Education Asst. Teacher O+ 01916825519
PUA-00405 Robert Polash Adhikary 23 MA in English Principal English Medium Chittagang O+ 01715302337 [email protected]
PUA-00406 Rajia Sultana 45 MA in English A+ 01717615176 [email protected]
PUA-00407 Md. Shahadat Ali 39 MBA Asst. Finance Officer O+ 017377036718 [email protected]
PUA-00408 Abdullah Al Razib 37 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01751082775 [email protected]
PUA-00409 Md. Shahidul Islam 36 B.Sc in EEE Service A+ 01750162716
PUA-00410 Md. Zahurul Islam 36 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01732890240
PUA-00411 Md. Sobuj Miah 36 LLB (Hons.) Practicing in Manikganj Bar AB+ 01793648472
PUA-00412 Abdur Rahman Ukil 24 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Gopalganj Dist. Bat Association O+ 01730170440 [email protected]
PUA-00413 Badal Das 28 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate N/A 01717306573
PUA-00414 Md. Jahangir Alam 32 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01638319706 [email protected]
PUA-00415 Mazidur Rahman 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate AB+ 01719530233
PUA-00416 Md. Mehedi Hasan 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Business N/A 01714598732
PUA-00417 Md. Faruk Hossain 40 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Srudent N/A 01722198160
PUA-00418 Mahammad Masudur Rahman 33 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01718264255 [email protected]
PUA-00419 Md Neharuzzaman 28 BBA B+ 01759266488
PUA-00420 Mohammad Reza-E-Rabbi Chowdhury 11 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01714449363 [email protected]
PUA-00421 Md. Ruhul Amin 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01706747415
PUA-00422 Faruk Ahmed 36 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01725146287
PUA-00423 Md. Hasan Habib 11 B.Sc in ETE O+ 01710000070
PUA-00424 Mohammad Matiullah 42 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+
PUA-00425 Sumana Akter 35 BBA O+ 01938242473
PUA-00426 Sohag Rana 32 BBA O+ 01722218033
PUA-00427 Md. Ismail Hossain 36 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01736411206
PUA-00428 Md. Tazul Islam 25 LLM (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01711115875
PUA-00429 Md. Mahabubur Rashid 42 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01731083729
PUA-00430 Mydul Islam 20 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01684206437
PUA-00431 Kapil Dev Singh 36 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01788146030
PUA-00432 Saikutuzzaman 36 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01744916099
PUA-00433 Muhammad Rafiquzzaman 5 BBA N/A
PUA-00434 Amin Hasan 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01911067040
PUA-00435 Abdur Rahman 36 BBA A- 01685166304
PUA-00436 Md. Monowar Hossain 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01713541353
PUA-00437 Md. Foysal 28 BBA Merchandiser Im.(Pvt) Ltd. A+ 01773624119 [email protected]
PUA-00438 Chandan Basak 45 MBA N/A [email protected]
PUA-00439 Nripendra Nath Mohaunta 42 LLM (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01712441756
PUA-00440 Yasmen Akter 38 LLM (1 Year) B+ 01754123606
PUA-00441 Md. Abu Sayed Chowdhury 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01715618349
PUA-00442 Nazmul Kabir 27 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01720416234
PUA-00443 Khondokar Md. Shafiqul Islam 27 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01712556183
PUA-00444 Md. Aslam Uddin 36 BBA AB- [email protected]
PUA-00445 Momotaz Begom 31 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01718306562
PUA-00446 Md. Arif Khan 44 MBA O+ 01732794776
PUA-00447 Tapas Sen 44 MA in English B+ 01925934557 [email protected]
PUA-00448 Rabeya 35 BBA Manager(Programming) Nexpro AB+ 01779979646 [email protected]
PUA-00449 Jannatul Ferdous Setu 11 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01785578535 [email protected]
PUA-00450 Md. Mukter Hossain Patuary 33 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01915905664
PUA-00451 Md. Sohel Rana 44 MBA A+ 01913079327
PUA-00452 Sukanta Kumar Badra 44 MBA Execituve (Admin) Beximco N/A 01630692616 [email protected]
PUA-00453 Muhammad Ashraful Alam 31 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01919899330 [email protected]
PUA-00454 Md. Parvej Mosarrof Rari 31 B.Sc in EEE Operation Director B+ 01730463064 [email protected]
PUA-00455 Md. Saiful Islam 37 B.Sc in EEE Service O+ [email protected]
PUA-00456 Asma Akter 37 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01758637228
PUA-00457 Md. Shehabul Hasan 29 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01743596139
PUA-00458 Sayful Islam 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O- 01713529700
PUA-00459 Mejbah Uddin Ahmed 15 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01717532363
PUA-00460 Md. Imran Hossain 30 B.Sc in EEE Asst. Manger A+ 01738323684 [email protected]
PUA-00461 Md. Uzzal Hossain 44 MBA O+ 01914221290 [email protected]
PUA-00462 Kamrun Naher Liza 48 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01744990886
PUA-00463 Sohel Rana 44 MBA B+ 017583289250 [email protected]
PUA-00464 Sharifa Akter 28 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01729347516 [email protected]
PUA-00465 Md. Shohel Khan 44 MA in English Lecturer A+ 01712626748 [email protected]
PUA-00466 Md.Zahid Hasan 45 MBA B+ 01918538832 [email protected]
PUA-00467 Ashifa Ahsan 45 MBA O+ 01992341919 [email protected]
PUA-00468 Most. Sultana Fahmida 24 BBA AB+ 01705303599 [email protected]
PUA-00469 S.M.Ramzan Ali 19 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01713435637 [email protected]
PUA-00470 Md. Toufiquezzaman Bhuiyan 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01817094713
PUA-00471 Md. Ariful Islam 33 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01754115808 [email protected]
PUA-00472 Shah Rezaul Haque 22 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 0171709954 [email protected]
PUA-00473 Md. Saddam Hossain 28 BBA Phramasist B+ [email protected]
PUA-00474 Md. Abdul Ali Babul 25 LLB (Hons.) Business O+ 01990005077 [email protected]
PUA-00475 Md. Amir Hossain 19 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01731152083
PUA-00476 Nasrin Akter Suma 45 Bachelor of Education Teacher AB+ 01726206411
PUA-00477 Md. Mahmudul Hasan 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01726340917
PUA-00478 Zeba Maliha Rahman 19 LLB (Hons.) B+ [email protected]
PUA-00479 Omar Faroque 43 Master of Education Asst. Teacher B+ 01716236033 [email protected]
PUA-00480 Md. Billal Hossain 43 Master of Education Asst. Teacher A+ 01752666129
PUA-00481 Mostafa Kamal Murad 28 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01911459396 [email protected]
PUA-00482 Nur Nahar Akter Bulbuli 44 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01721721125 [email protected]
PUA-00483 Doly Akter 31 BBA Teacher O+ 01786870783
PUA-00484 Marufa Akhter 31 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01920793615 [email protected]
PUA-00485 Mariam Akter 34 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01681685754 [email protected]
PUA-00486 Shadikul Islam 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate A+ 01720502171 [email protected]
PUA-00487 Md. Mukter Hossain Patuary 33 LLB (Hons.) N/A 01915905664
PUA-00488 Md Nadiruzzaman Roni 29 BBA Service AB+ 01777063011 [email protected]
PUA-00489 Al Amin Khan 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01716497960
PUA-00490 Md.Abdul Mojid 28 B.Sc in EEE Lab Assistant, UAP A+ 01511259785 [email protected]
PUA-00491 SHARTHOK MUSTAFA FIROZ 33 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01915887955 [email protected]
PUA-00492 Md. Nasir Khan 44 MBA Credit Manager O+ 01671675920 [email protected]
PUA-00493 Omar Faruk 36 BBA A+ 01717061136 [email protected]
PUA-00494 Masud Alam 36 BBA O+ 01782828265 [email protected]
PUA-00495 Md. Shafiqul Imtiaz Khan 17 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01718408686
PUA-00496 MOHAMMAD AWLAD HOSSAIN 35 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Practice in the Court B+ 01764101400 [email protected]
PUA-00497 Md. Al-Araf 27 LLB (Hons.) Advocate A+ 01922904953 [email protected]
PUA-00498 Dipok Paul 36 B.Sc in EEE Sr. Executive O+ 01916879076 [email protected]
PUA-00499 Md. Nahid Hosen 36 BBA A+ 01773101099 [email protected]
PUA-00500 Sadia Haque 36 BBA O+ 01625209595
PUA-00501 Md. Delowar Hossen 25 B.Sc in EEE Service O+ 01912950341 [email protected]
PUA-00502 MUHAMMAD ROKIBUR RAHMAN 33 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01720105459
PUA-00503 B. M. Tasken – Us – Salahen 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate B+ 01819939525
PUA-00504 Md. Al Kamal Abdul Ohab 26 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01705253574 [email protected]
PUA-00505 Md. Azizur Rahman 21 MBA Asst. Secretary A+ 01725265535 [email protected]
PUA-00506 Md. Ikbal Hossain Kazol 32 B.Sc in EEE Technical Officer O+ 01755587481 [email protected]
PUA-00507 Mohammad Afjal Hossain Khan 22 B.Sc in ETE Manager (Network Palnning) B+ 01712573595 [email protected]
PUA-00508 SHAHAB UDDIN AHMED 33 MBA Service B+ 01914753246 [email protected]
PUA-00509 MD. ABDUL BARI 35 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01797010335 [email protected]
PUA-00510 Tazmun Nahar 38 MBA Sr. Loan Officer A+ 01919801951
PUA-00511 Zahed Hussain 45 Master of Education Service B+ 01813039502 [email protected]
PUA-00512 Md.Sohrab Hossain 32 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate AB+ 01718929260
PUA-00513 MD. MOTAHER HOSSAIN 35 BBA O+ 01738782375 [email protected]
PUA-00514 Mohammed Akram Hossain 27 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Tax Consultant B+ 01717348817 [email protected]
PUA-00515 Md. Israfil Hosen 29 B.Sc in EEE Asst. Engineer A+ 01916083377 [email protected]
PUA-00516 Abdur Rahim 33 MBA Business B+ 01717347257 [email protected]
PUA-00517 MD. SHAHIN HOSSAIN 33 MBA Service A+ 01724163716 [email protected]
PUA-00518 Mohammad Shohorab Hossain 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate A+ 01711786968
PUA-00519 Md. Nasiruddin 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01673235030
PUA-00520 Mohammad Nasir Uddin 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01711-455975 [email protected]
PUA-00521 Azizur Rahman 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Accounts Manager, Massifcollection Ltd. B+ 01919748748 [email protected]
PUA-00522 Ananta Kumar Das 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01914738105
PUA-00523 Mohammad Aulad Hossain 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate, Narsingdi Bar O+ 01714-789913
PUA-00524 Md. Azahar Ali 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01713266334
PUA-00525 Mahmudul Karim 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) SCO, Sajeda Foundation, Amirgonj O+ 01735026074
PUA-00526 Mir Md. Mostafizur Rahman 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Service Holder B+ 01672757989 [email protected]
PUA-00527 Foijunnahar 46 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Teacher, Newblown School, Tongi, Gazipur O+ 01770419717 [email protected]
PUA-00528 Md. Abdur Rahman 40 MBA O+ 01761263732 [email protected]
PUA-00529 Alema Siddiqa 44 MBA B+ 01687066906
PUA-00530 Debashis Kumar 35 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01712906444 [email protected]
PUA-00531 Md. Akhtarul Alam 37 MBA B+ 01719273849 [email protected]
PUA-00532 Syed Saidul Islam Khan 35 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Captain BN (Retd) B+ 01711819230 [email protected]
PUA-00533 S.M. Mosabbirul Islam 44 MBA AGM, Audit Department, Unique Group, 45, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka O- 01711249426
PUA-00534 Most. Gulshan Ara Ami 45 Master of Education LDA, Bangladesh Railway O+ 01671412003
PUA-00535 Md. Enamul Hoque 38 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh B+ 01712343498
PUA-00536 Md. Mahabub Hasan 45 LLM (1 Year) A+ 01834810757 [email protected]
PUA-00537 K M Mehedi Hassan 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate, Barguna Judge Court, Barguna O+ 01729561920 [email protected]
PUA-00538 Md Abul Bashar 14 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate B+ 01715-853385
PUA-00539 Md. Mahbub Alam 31 B.Sc in EEE Service Engineer, Intraco Group, Baridhara, Dhaka AB+ 01723-117122 [email protected]
PUA-00540 Ashequr Rahman Jewel 31 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01711102211 [email protected]
PUA-00541 Md. Abul Bashar 44 MA in English Sr. Executive, Mohabub Group, Gazipur A+ 01724-585555 [email protected]
PUA-00542 Sabina Akter 41 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01623656612
PUA-00543 Jawdad Moinul Karim 40 MBA Director of Finance, Core Associates Ltd. O+ 01911502952 [email protected]
PUA-00544 Salim Uddin 19 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01911878653 [email protected]
PUA-00545 Imad Uddin Ahmed Hisham 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Personal Business A+ 01712206444 [email protected]
PUA-00546 Mohammad Salim Ullah 19 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01816706855
PUA-00547 Mohammad Moin Uddin 23 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01819956436 [email protected]
PUA-00548 Nazma Afroze 38 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B- 01720687558
PUA-00549 Shaila Khaleque 38 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01975540161
PUA-00550 Nurun Nahar 40 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01739691413
PUA-00551 A. T. M. Mahmudur Rashid 40 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01740555000
PUA-00552 Mafruja Sultana 40 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01924833111
PUA-00553 Md. Mizanur Rahaman 40 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01725786233
PUA-00554 Md. Jahid Molla 39 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01716941314 [email protected]
PUA-00555 Sumona Samad 39 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A- 01776306407 [email protected]
PUA-00556 Moshiur Rahman 27 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01983888486
PUA-00557 Md. Mazidul Islam 21 B.Sc in ETE O+ 01734259041 [email protected]
PUA-00558 Parvez Alam 43 MBA Attn. Relationship Officer A+ 01746876526 [email protected]
PUA-00559 Doris Happy Baroi 42 Master of Education Service A+ 01670933812 [email protected]
PUA-00560 Md. Rezaul Karim 32 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01726330581 [email protected]
PUA-00561 Md. Lutfur Rahaman 36 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01536187013
PUA-00562 Sarower Jahan 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Law Practice B+ 01613000777 [email protected]
PUA-00563 A. K. M. Daulatujjaman 44 MBA O+ [email protected]
PUA-00564 Md. Rakibul Islam 44 MBA T. Manager O+ 01912133354
PUA-00565 Md. Hemayetul Islam 15 B.Sc in ETE Service B+ 01708156897 [email protected]
PUA-00566 Muhammad Saiful Islam 21 LLM (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01911706070
PUA-00567 Most. Nasima Akter 34 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01736236990 [email protected]
PUA-00568 Md. Fazla Rabby 29 BBA Student O+ 01711179584 [email protected]
PUA-00569 A. S. M. Muradullah 39 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01875018501 [email protected]
PUA-00570 Md. Rezanur Rahman 42 MBA Customer Service B+ 01955517810 [email protected]
PUA-00571 Arnila Zaman 42 MBA Housewife AB+ 01981900977 [email protected]
PUA-00572 Md.Saddam Hossain 45 MBA A+ 01922971888 [email protected]
PUA-00573 Md. Alomgir Kabir 26 BBA B+ 01794285288 [email protected]
PUA-00574 Md. Monir Hossain 27 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01712367405
PUA-00575 Md. Anwarul Islam 13 LLB (Preliminary And Final) ED. Save Jhenaidah A+ 01711152977 [email protected]
PUA-00576 ABM Hasibur Rahman 29 B.Sc in EEE Service O+ 01787814773 [email protected]
PUA-00577 Tawfikul Islam 45 LLM (1 Year) O+ 01764127940 [email protected]
PUA-00578 G. M. Julfikar Raihan 45 MBA Service B+ 01737117032
PUA-00579 Nazmun Nahar 32 Bachelor of Education Asst. Teacher N/A 01624353797
PUA-00580 Anwar Hossen 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01718116047
PUA-00581 Sultana Razia 16 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate B+ 01709371789
PUA-00582 Md. Mokim Uddin Mondal 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01716049174 [email protected]
PUA-00583 Mohammad Shahid – E – Hassan Bhuiyan 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01912134914 [email protected]
PUA-00584 Muhammed Delowar Hossain 9 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01711027920
PUA-00585 Mohammed Alamgir Kabir 41 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Business B+ 01727109604 [email protected]
PUA-00586 Md. Fuhad 27 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01717455908
PUA-00587 Md. Reaj Sarkar 37 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01866744036 [email protected]
PUA-00588 Md. Masud Rana 37 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01930696364 [email protected]
PUA-00589 Md. Tanvir Hasan Rana 37 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01767678898 [email protected]
PUA-00590 Mahabubul Hassan 22 LLB (Hons.) Advocate B+ 01681426331
PUA-00591 Md. Abu Hanifa 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB- 01718-904188
PUA-00592 Taslima Ferdous 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01912078754
PUA-00593 Mst. Nazmin Akter 38 MBA B+ 01683675412 [email protected]
PUA-00594 Mossammat Nasima Aktar 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01741391312
PUA-00595 Shamim Ahmed 13 LLB (Hons.) Advocate O+ 01728433455 [email protected]
PUA-00596 Farhana Ahmed Dowel 16 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01963835401 [email protected]
PUA-00597 Md. Harun Or Roshid Mollah 16 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01716231828 [email protected]
PUA-00598 Shamsul Alam 28 MA in English SEO B+ 01711991704 [email protected]
PUA-00599 Jakia Sultana 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01732997834 [email protected]
PUA-00600 Md. Jamal Uddin 23 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01754668677 [email protected]
PUA-00601 Md. Thoufiq Hasan Nahid 23 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01720268028 [email protected]
PUA-00602 Mohammad Shauinur Rahman 22 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01711188414
PUA-00603 Mohammod Habibur Rahaman 23 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01716454972
PUA-00604 Tolo Mia 22 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01716189568
PUA-00605 Rasel Ahmed 22 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01988251653
PUA-00606 Humayoun Kabir 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01711246328
PUA-00607 Md. Ismail Hossain 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01711515499
PUA-00608 Md. Farid Hossain 18 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01728800582
PUA-00609 Md. Shohidul Islam 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01723277166 [email protected]
PUA-00610 Md. Belayet Hossain 21 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01711239523 [email protected]
PUA-00611 Md. Rayhan Hossain 14 B.Sc in CSE AB+ 01923548546 [email protected]
PUA-00612 Farjana Afrin Rita 29 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01779482126
PUA-00613 Md. Mahafuj Hasan 36 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01723836864 [email protected]
PUA-00614 Muhammad Anisul Alam 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01711518994
PUA-00615 Mohammed Asan Habib 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01942985090
PUA-00616 Md. Sayem Ul Alam Sarker 13 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate A+ 01718505958
PUA-00617 Mohammad Jiaur Rahman 31 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Business AB+ 01718663747
PUA-00618 Mohammad Lutfor Rahaman 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) A+ 01713532231
PUA-00619 Muktadirul Huque 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01819054407
PUA-00620 Al Mahamud Hasan 30 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate N/A 01670939665
PUA-00621 Md.Mehdi Hasan 46 Bachelor of Education Statistical Officer B+ 01553785450 [email protected]
PUA-00622 Mohammad Salim 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01717822343 [email protected]
PUA-00623 Mst. Asma Akter Mukta 46 Bachelor of Education B+ 01995009936 [email protected]
PUA-00624 Razia Sultana Julya 46 Bachelor of Education Teacher B+ 01956076253
PUA-00625 Md. Mahbubur Rahman 28 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB- 01715834094 [email protected]
PUA-00626 Kazi Touhid Elahi 46 Bachelor of Education Principal B+ 01711804444
PUA-00627 Sharmin Akter 34 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01934005082 [email protected]
PUA-00628 Hanna Bonowaree 23 MBA Business Coordinator N/A 01763522431 [email protected]
PUA-00629 Md. Oli Ullah Olid 23 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01717967876
PUA-00630 Md. Anwarul Islam 23 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B- 01733536538
PUA-00631 Hurum Maksura 38 MA in English A+ 01788950016
PUA-00632 Jahangir Alam 38 B.Sc in EEE Dy Manager O+ 01813346440 [email protected]
PUA-00633 Ranjita Rani Roy 42 MA in English N/A 01786028860
PUA-00634 Md. Tarikul Islam 22 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01729787969
PUA-00635 Mitun Kumar Pul 38 MBA QMS(RES) B+ 01920429105
PUA-00636 Manira Khatun 36 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01985277137
PUA-00637 Atif Siddique 39 B.Sc in EEE SAF B+ 01766613334 [email protected]
PUA-00638 Md. Tanjimul Kabir 39 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01912519580 [email protected]
PUA-00639 Md. Zahid Hassan 44 LLM (1 Year) AB+ 01797176662
PUA-00640 Md. Mehedy Hasan 44 LLM (1 Year) B+ 01714625114 [email protected]
PUA-00641 Md. Rezaul Karim 39 B.Sc in EEE Service Engineer A+ 01736987186 [email protected]
PUA-00642 Mahadi Alam 46 MBA O+ 01771777367 [email protected]
PUA-00643 Mampy Saha 35 BBA O+ 01985577295 [email protected]
PUA-00644 Most. Shafinatul Zannat 37 BBA O+ 01686280919 [email protected]
PUA-00645 Tamalika 37 BBA A+ 01797646025 [email protected]
PUA-00646 Mosammat Mamataj Khatun 24 LLM (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01713911909
PUA-00647 Firoj Alam 36 BBA B+ 01635843700 [email protected]
PUA-00648 Kamal Hossain 38 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01819182474 [email protected]
PUA-00649 Mir Rasel Ahmed 39 B.Sc in EEE Sub Asst. Engineer N/A 01722983605
PUA-00650 Mst. Tilok Thara 42 LLM (1 Year) Teacher N/A 01795267912
PUA-00651 MD. SAZZAD HOSSIAN 33 B.Sc in CSE Programmer A+ 01712719966 [email protected]
PUA-00652 Suman Karmakar 39 B.Sc in CSE N/A 01737623769
PUA-00653 S. M. Sumon 43 MBA Sr. Executive, Operations Dept. A+ 01686709570 [email protected]
PUA-00654 Shamsun Nahar 43 MBA Manager(Sales Marketing) O+ 01686183000 [email protected]
PUA-00655 Mayen Uddin 20 BBA Business B+ 01816929894 [email protected]
PUA-00656 Jahangir Alam 32 BBA Service AB+ 01713477049 [email protected]
PUA-00657 Md. Saiful Islam 39 B.Sc in CSE Sengarchar Degree College O+ 01833771796 [email protected]
PUA-00658 Md. Mahmudul Hasan 13 B.Sc in ETE Deputy Manager (QA), JMLBD, Siddirganj O+ 01722912066 [email protected]
PUA-00659 Md. Sohel Rana 37 B.Sc in EEE Business B+ 01746178726
PUA-00660 Md. Sumon Ahmed 39 MBA B+ 01755111312 [email protected]
PUA-00661 Firooz Fatema 40 MA in English School Teacher B+ 01632134744 [email protected]
PUA-00662 LAILA MORIUM LAMIA 37 BBA A+ 01629020402 [email protected]
PUA-00663 Moktar Hosan 38 LLM (1 Year) Advocate O+ 01816169179 [email protected]
PUA-00664 Salman Chhoton 46 MBA O+ 01957204434 [email protected]
PUA-00665 Mohammad Anwar Hossain 25 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate B+ 01717261718
PUA-00666 Tuhin Alam 39 B.Sc in CSE Data Entry Operator O- 01911601668 [email protected]
PUA-00667 Md. Hussain Ul Alam 34 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01621479186 [email protected]
PUA-00668 Md. Hasan-Ul- Alam 34 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01621479186 [email protected]
PUA-00669 Runa Laila 45 MA in English O+ 01912298100 [email protected]
PUA-00670 Md. Abu Hasnat Rifat 42 MBA O+ 01714691246
PUA-00671 Md.Makbul Hossain 46 Bachelor of Education Teacher O+ 01731113582
PUA-00672 Md. Rajib Khan 13 B.Sc in ETE Director Operations, NCSL O+ 01712080140 [email protected]
PUA-00673 MD. SAMAN ALI 33 B.Sc in EEE Project Engineer B+ 01726793133 [email protected]
PUA-00674 Kazi Sajjadur Rahman 46 LLM (1 Year) Advocate A+ 01521530466 [email protected]
PUA-00675 Mohammad Ali Ashraf 40 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01712573922
PUA-00676 S.M. AMINA AFROZE 33 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01775133760 [email protected]
PUA-00677 Md.Mezbah Uddin 44 MBA Operations Executive A+ 01740400900 [email protected]
PUA-00678 Afroza Islam Luxme 43 MBA AB+ 01511084985 [email protected]
PUA-00679 Mohammad Maksodor Rahaman 38 B.Sc in CSE 1st Class Officer A+ 01558854815 [email protected]
PUA-00680 Md. Muaharul Islam 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01767802880
PUA-00681 Md.Abdul Aziz 46 MA in English Junior Audit Officer A+ 01723093333 [email protected]
PUA-00682 MD. RAFIQUL ISLAM 33 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01916141174
PUA-00683 Md. Shahidul Islam 42 MBA A+ 01712648136 [email protected]
PUA-00684 Mohammad Mominur Rahman 25 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01923489224
PUA-00685 Mohammad Soayeb Husen 31 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Business O+ 01711710660
PUA-00686 Md. Nazmul Haque 38 B.Sc in CSE Sub-Asst. Engineer B+ 01715649218 [email protected]
PUA-00687 Md. Moinul Islam 27 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Asst. Manager B+ 01712950422 [email protected]
PUA-00688 Supon Kumar Singha 13 B.Sc in ETE Officer A+ 01712280584 [email protected]
PUA-00689 Md. Habib – A – Chisty 42 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Service A+ 01711134112
PUA-00690 Khalilur Rahman 26 B.Sc in EEE Joint Commissioner of Taxes, Inspecting range-3, Mymensingh O+ 01728070902 [email protected]
PUA-00691 Tayab Mrida 37 BBA B+ 01620361116 [email protected]
PUA-00692 Md. Zakaria 35 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01731300913 [email protected]
PUA-00693 Md Akidul Islam 25 BBA Executive(Marketing) O+ 01914815989
PUA-00694 ATIAR RAHMAN 33 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate A+ 01712989322 [email protected]
PUA-00695 Md. Abu Enam Chowdhury 39 B.Sc in EEE Engineer O+ 01735232888 [email protected]
PUA-00696 Md. Kawsar Ahmad 39 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01750196993 [email protected]
PUA-00697 Md. Majharul Islam 36 BBA O+ 01717732204 [email protected]
PUA-00698 Md.Masudur Rahman 31 B.Sc in EEE Deputy Manager A+ 01710770517 [email protected]
PUA-00699 Md. Abdur Rahman 35 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01912989717 [email protected]
PUA-00700 Md. Abdul Hye 36 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01732366842 [email protected]
PUA-00701 S. M. Anisur Rahman 19 LLB (Preliminary And Final) Manager B+ 01916039781 [email protected]
PUA-00702 Md. Atikul Islam 37 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01712849128 [email protected]
PUA-00703 Noymul Hoque Muzumder 20 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01711447900
PUA-00704 MD. SHAHADOT HOSSAIN 35 B.Sc in EEE Asst. Supervisor AB+ 01740838863
PUA-00705 Nur Islam 42 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01729480143
PUA-00706 Mohammad Abdus Samad Azad 34 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01832948831
PUA-00707 Dhiman Roy 42 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01712092747
PUA-00708 Md. Abu Hasnat Munshi 16 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01819112676
PUA-00709 Md. Lutfar Rahman Khan 32 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01745794672
PUA-00710 Md. Jahanger Alam 30 B.Sc in EEE N/A
PUA-00711 Md. Shariful Islam 30 B.Sc in EEE N/A 01911164656
PUA-00712 Md. Shaidur Rahman 29 B.Sc in EEE N/A 01911717269
PUA-00713 Md. Omar Faruq 34 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01767824790
PUA-00714 Rana Ahammed 34 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01722396629
PUA-00715 Mohmmad Faizul Islam 34 LLB (Preliminary And Final) N/A 01711102303
PUA-00716 Ayesha Yeasmen Rumee 24 B.Sc in EEE N/A 01748475009
PUA-00717 Tapon Kumar Das 28 BBA N/A 01834643047 [email protected]
PUA-00718 Ratan Bala 32 B.Sc in CSE N/A 01734455508 [email protected]
PUA-00719 Aminuzzaman Mridha 18 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01715026375 [email protected]
PUA-00720 Shamol Chandra Das 37 BBA O+ 01687877867
PUA-00721 Syeda Nazli Zahan 37 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01628563613
PUA-00722 Md. Shidul Islam 36 B.Sc in CSE A+ 01745808053 [email protected]
PUA-00723 Mohammad Habibur Rahman Masud 44 MBA Deputy Zonal Sales Manager B+ 01703505507 [email protected]
PUA-00724 Mohidur Rahaman 31 BBA O+ 01621512988 [email protected]
PUA-00725 Md. Kamal Hossain 12 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01715985557
PUA-00726 Abdul Mannan 42 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate A+ 01717822395 [email protected]
PUA-00727 Md. Maksudur Rahman 29 BBA B+ 01673772494 [email protected]
PUA-00728 Mst. Rokeya Khatun 36 B.Sc in CSE B+
PUA-00729 Soraya Begum 32 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01911466149 [email protected]
PUA-00730 Shadia Sharmin 37 BBA O+ 01631894432 [email protected]
PUA-00731 SATHI AKTER 35 BBA O+ 01775734024 [email protected]
PUA-00732 Mohammed Amin Uddin 36 B.Sc in CSE Technical Officer(ICT) O+ 01819973864 [email protected]
PUA-00733 Md. Humayun Kabir 17 B.Sc in ETE Manager(ICT) O+ 01817032497 [email protected]
PUA-00734 Md. Johirul Islam 36 B.Sc in EEE B+ 0174123101 [email protected]
PUA-00735 Tithee Ahmed 38 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01925213145 [email protected]
PUA-00736 Kaniz Fatema 44 MBA O+ 01676381120
PUA-00737 Md. Mehedee Hasan 42 MBA B+ 01726937345 [email protected]
PUA-00738 Md. Mahabubur Rahman Rana 46 LLM (1 Year) B+ 01746939962
PUA-00739 Md. Syful Islam 29 B.Sc in EEE N/A 01744904213 [email protected]
PUA-00740 Md. Abu Sayed 28 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01922557758
PUA-00741 Sahed Chowdhary 28 BBA O+ 01913810818 [email protected]
PUA-00742 Md. Sohag Hossen 29 BBA Junior Officer B+ 01763987604
PUA-00743 Md. Mizanur Rahman 38 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01920874443 [email protected]
PUA-00744 Md. Amanul Karim 41 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate N/A 01711243599
PUA-00745 Roni Miah 31 BBA A+ 01747301057 [email protected]
PUA-00746 Alamin Shaikh 46 LLM (1 Year) A+ 01913349258 [email protected]
PUA-00747 Nipa Akter 38 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01795200206
PUA-00748 MD. NUR- A- RIFAT 37 BBA A- 01911298792 [email protected]
PUA-00749 Md. Tanvin Ahammed 32 B.Sc in CSE Service O+ 01723238848 [email protected]
PUA-00750 Rona Akter 38 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01685358299 [email protected]
PUA-00751 Lotifa Khatun 38 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01701714838
PUA-00752 Ahasan Habib 44 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01712994416 [email protected]
PUA-00753 Amina Kowsher 44 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01751529590
PUA-00754 Kazi Iqbal Hossain 44 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate A+ 01712530555 [email protected]
PUA-00755 Emrana Perveen 44 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Advocate O+ 01819478624 [email protected]
PUA-00756 MD. SHAMIM HAQUE 35 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Business AB+ 01714540916
PUA-00757 Rinu Sarmin 32 B.Sc in CSE Service B+ 01767322015
PUA-00758 Shahnaz Begum 43 Master of Education Asst. Teacher O+ 01775800238
PUA-00759 Md. Reazul Islam 32 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01927169045
PUA-00760 Md. Monzurul Haque 45 MA in English Teacher, Monzuru's academy A+ 01715135599
PUA-00761 Tahmina Akter Suchi 44 MA in English Housewife N/A 01986396267
PUA-00762 Golam Mostofa 44 MA in English Teacher N/A 01678005723
PUA-00763 Selina Easmin 44 MA in English O+ 01986396267
PUA-00764 Tanvir Hasan 31 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01734341818
PUA-00765 Md. Safat Ullah 43 LLM (Preliminary And Final) Programmer, Computer wing, BBS A- 01556321393 [email protected]
PUA-00766 Mohammad Amzad Hossain 43 Master of Education Headmaster AB+ 01716058096 [email protected]
PUA-00767 Md. Masud Rana 44 MBA Service O+ 01759576836 [email protected]
PUA-00768 Md. Abdul Bari 39 B.Sc in EEE Maintenance Engineer AB+ 01755039696 [email protected]
PUA-00769 Md. Abdur Rahim 39 B.Sc in EEE Sr. Execituve(Maintenance) A+ 01716527479 [email protected]
PUA-00770 Shahina Akther 47 Master of Education Service B+ 01715351157
PUA-00771 Ruma Akter 38 BA (Hons) in English B+ [email protected]
PUA-00772 Nabin Sardar 38 BBA O+ 01671507936 [email protected]
PUA-00773 Tahrima Syeda Nitol 38 BBA O+ 0173533350 [email protected]
PUA-00774 Shamsul Alam 28 MA in English SEO, DBBL, Head Office B+ 01711991704 [email protected]
PUA-00775 Nafiur Rahman 17 BBA N/A 01844000314
PUA-00776 Jesmin Akter 17 BBA N/A 01786128900
PUA-00777 Sharmin Akter 18 BBA N/A 01760783681
PUA-00778 Saila Sharmin 18 BBA N/A 01734224835
PUA-00779 Farjana Akter 18 BBA N/A 01932059660
PUA-00780 Mostafa Sarwar 18 BBA N/A 01713199582
PUA-00781 Mohammad Ali 18 BBA N/A 01918178979
PUA-00782 Nasrin Jahan Munni 18 BBA N/A 01612568641
PUA-00783 Md.Sarour Faruk 18 BBA N/A 01818618582
PUA-00784 Amirul Abidin 18 BBA N/A 01734634435 [email protected]
PUA-00785 Md Mogder Hossain 19 LLB (Hons.) Law Officer A+ 01738316788 [email protected]
PUA-00786 Md. Shahinul Islam 30 MBA Territory Sales Manager(TSM) O+ 01737724292 [email protected]
PUA-00787 Encoh Tettey Angmor 42 Bachelor of Education Teacher O- 01706319047 [email protected]
PUA-00788 Jamene Parveen Moni 36 B.Sc in CSE A+ 01773225001 [email protected]
PUA-00789 Mosammat Tahera Akter 44 MBA Student O+ 01745876331 [email protected]
PUA-00790 Md. Monayem Khan 15 BBA N/A 01914500777 [email protected]
PUA-00791 Md. Shohel Rana 15 BBA N/A
PUA-00792 Omar Faruque 15 BBA N/A 01835219092
PUA-00793 Fatima Khondker 24 MBA SPO O+ 01737967289
PUA-00794 Mst. Sultana Yesmin 24 MBA N/A 01730216978
PUA-00795 Tania Akter 32 BBA Financial Associate O+ 01984903331 [email protected]
PUA-00796 Md. Sayeedur Rahman 27 B.Sc in CSE Asst. Manager O+ 01916110008 [email protected]
PUA-00797 Md. Anowar Hossen 38 B.Sc in EEE Sub Asst. Engineer B+ 01928014430
PUA-00798 Morium Akter 47 Bachelor of Education Service O+ 01715499289 [email protected]
PUA-00799 Md.Rahat Bin Ali Jahan 47 MBA B+ 0162131936 [email protected]
PUA-00800 Asif Khan 39 B.Sc in EEE Service Engineer O+ 01927974223 [email protected]
PUA-00801 Md.Murshid-Ul-Islam 46 MBA Service B+ 01711175105 [email protected]
PUA-00802 Md. Mehedi Hasan 35 B.Sc in ETE N/A 01689680091 [email protected]
PUA-00803 Nayan Sen Gupta 37 BBA N/A 01684316513
PUA-00804 Md Rakibul Hasan 44 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01953381229 [email protected]
PUA-00805 Swarup Kumar Roy 38 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01902018289 [email protected]
PUA-00806 A.S.M. Mahfuzur Rahman 38 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01625777171 [email protected]
PUA-00807 Md. Abdur Rahman 35 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01927507727 [email protected]
PUA-00808 Rezaul Karim 36 BBA AB+ 01747221435 [email protected]
PUA-00809 Md. Alauddin 40 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01716620423 [email protected]
PUA-00810 Ariful Haque 40 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01788886808 [email protected]
PUA-00811 Papiya Rani Das 37 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01974526123 [email protected]
PUA-00812 Md. Abusulayman 40 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01916361215 [email protected]
PUA-00813 KEYA MONI 36 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01622148022 [email protected]
PUA-00814 Mita Biswas 26 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01879100355 [email protected]
PUA-00815 Jubair 40 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01683535754 [email protected]
PUA-00816 Md. Imran Hossain 40 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01916916389 [email protected]
PUA-00817 Md. Khairul Kabir 40 B.Sc in EEE B+ 0175748922
PUA-00818 Md. Imran Rahman 47 MBA A+ 01712406418 [email protected]
PUA-00819 Salma Anjum 38 BBA B+ 01316595106 [email protected]
PUA-00820 Md. Ataur Rahman 39 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01744593802
PUA-00821 Nasrin Aktar Ruma 37 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01949305282
PUA-00822 Md. Moshiur Rahman 35 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01723207353
PUA-00823 Jakia Sultana 47 MBA O+ 01910774932 [email protected]
PUA-00824 Md. Alamin Sarker 38 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01796615934 [email protected]
PUA-00825 Bithika Majumdar 28 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01786274082
PUA-00826 Md. Rafiqul Islam 43 MBA A+ 015313539171 [email protected]
PUA-00827 Md. Sabuj Islam 38 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01775559622 [email protected]
PUA-00828 Md. Habibur Rahman 38 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01726109120 [email protected]
PUA-00829 Rehana Begum 47 Bachelor of Education N/A 01715219470
PUA-00830 Md. Emdadul Hoque Milon 38 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01759052885 [email protected]
PUA-00831 SHAMIMA QUAMAR 35 BA (Hons) in English O- 01731300000 [email protected]
PUA-00832 Muhammad Rajibuz Zaman 42 MBA B+ 01915171623 [email protected]
PUA-00833 HUMAYARA HASIN JUTHI 35 BBA O+ 01684937767 [email protected]
PUA-00834 Md. Kazol Hossain 36 BBA B+ 01750950119 [email protected]
PUA-00835 Md. Shajahan Hossain 38 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01674416291 [email protected]
PUA-00836 Shaima Ali 47 MBA O+ 01741904848 [email protected]
PUA-00837 Rojina Begum 47 Master of Education AB+ 01717027087 [email protected]
PUA-00838 Nilima Barua 47 Master of Education AB+ 01816349555 [email protected]
PUA-00839 Sohel Rana 47 MBA O+ 01786138901 [email protected]
PUA-00840 SIRLINA KHAN RITA 33 B.Sc in CSE B- 01786134917 [email protected]
PUA-00841 Rashel 43 MBA A+ 01711063942 [email protected]
PUA-00842 Mollah Abu Hanif 38 BBA B+ 01672866132 [email protected]
PUA-00843 Md. Anowar Hossain 38 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01738237688 [email protected]
PUA-00844 Mostafizur Rahaman 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01715003795 [email protected]
PUA-00845 Md. Nazrul Islam Howlader 47 Bachelor of Education B+ 01965708007 [email protected]
PUA-00846 Atiqunnaher Momi 37 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01986761085
PUA-00847 Mominur Rahman 35 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01718333387
PUA-00848 Shubradeb Kundu 40 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01735382730 [email protected]
PUA-00849 A.K.M. Mazharul Islam 44 LLM (Preliminary And Final) O+ 01913459937
PUA-00850 Fareea Reza Khan 35 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01871181445 [email protected]
PUA-00851 Afroja Yeasmin 47 Bachelor of Education B+ 01676396766
PUA-00852 Prokash Karmakar 38 BBA A+ 01707698698 [email protected]
PUA-00853 Mohammad Jowel Miah 28 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01725365026 [email protected]
PUA-00854 Asim Kumar Deshmukkhya 48 Master of Education O+ 01912386479 [email protected]
PUA-00855 Md. Nur Alam Jiku 37 BBA AB+ 01733728201
PUA-00856 MD. SUMON KHONDOKAR 37 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01911167751
PUA-00857 Md. Hossain 38 BBA O+ 01965600583 [email protected]
PUA-00858 Sayed Allamah Iqbal 45 Bachelor of Education A+ 01816037775 [email protected]
PUA-00859 Md. Ripon Ahmed 41 B.Sc in CSE A+ 01737029533 [email protected]
PUA-00860 Ismat Ara Rekha 28 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01931161970
PUA-00861 Shahinoor Rahman 29 BBA A+ 01757942482 [email protected]
PUA-00862 Md. Abu Sayeed 32 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01930405659 [email protected]
PUA-00863 RABEYA AKTER 34 BBA B+ 01965294214 [email protected]
PUA-00864 Md. Shah Alam 48 Bachelor of Education B+ 01719451473 [email protected]
PUA-00865 Md. Nazrul Islam 47 Bachelor of Education O+ 01711283516 [email protected]
PUA-00866 Mohammad Golam Sadeq 47 Master of Education AB+ 01613125498
PUA-00867 Md. Abdur Rahim 47 Master of Education O+ 01718452167 [email protected]
PUA-00868 Md. Touhiduzzaman 41 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01723988994 [email protected]
PUA-00869 Nazmun Niger 36 B.Sc in CSE A+ 01748715656 [email protected]
PUA-00870 Nahar Sultana 32 BA (Hons) in English O+ 01785643411
PUA-00871 Md. Aminul Islam 27 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01722961097
PUA-00872 Abrarul Haque 41 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01681229210 [email protected]
PUA-00873 Abid Reza Saeed 43 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01711878512 [email protected]
PUA-00874 A. Z. M. Aladin 41 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01937387338 [email protected]
PUA-00875 Pintu Kumar Mondal 40 B.Sc in EEE A- 01733700293 [email protected]
PUA-00876 Biddut Sarkar 40 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01765687407 [email protected]
PUA-00877 Palash Das 48 MBA B+ 01855630385 [email protected]
PUA-00878 Mohammad Amzad Hossain 48 MBA AB+ 01674931469 [email protected]
PUA-00879 Mohammad Syedul Islam 48 MBA B+ 01982273676 [email protected]
PUA-00880 Md. Jubdatul Islam Jabed 39 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01787886655 [email protected]
PUA-00881 Jinnata Hoque Mahi 39 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01558973844 [email protected]
PUA-00882 Md. Arman Hossain Bappy 47 MBA O+ 01771430418 [email protected]
PUA-00883 Md. llias Hussain 40 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01950133714 [email protected]
PUA-00884 MD. MEHEDI HASAN 35 B.Sc in EEE O- 01725960851 [email protected]
PUA-00885 Md.Nazrul Islam 47 Bachelor of Education B+ 01716266857 [email protected]
PUA-00886 Md. Jubayer Ahammed 35 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01684259803 [email protected]
PUA-00887 Md. Wadud Hossen 38 MBA O+ 01732083108
PUA-00888 Kazi Ferdaws Habib 40 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01713197247 [email protected]
PUA-00889 Nasima Akter Rupaly 39 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01682834652
PUA-00890 Shahanag Parvin 39 BBA A+ 01704947064
PUA-00891 Mafuza Asima 44 MBA B+ 01627640939 [email protected]
PUA-00892 Ratna Akter 36 LLB (Hons.) A+ 01813041993 [email protected]
PUA-00893 Asim Halder 36 BBA B+ 01315609854 [email protected]
PUA-00894 Md. Saiful Islam 40 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01725994257 [email protected]
PUA-00895 Md. Mizanur Rahaman 38 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01735922197 [email protected]
PUA-00896 Shirina Khatun 31 BBA A+ 01751876575 [email protected]
PUA-00897 Raman Mondal 38 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01840124146 [email protected]
PUA-00898 Mir Arif Ifthakar 19 BBA O- +1-862-571-5191 [email protected]
PUA-00899 Md. Saiful Islam 39 B.Sc in EEE N/A 01688754352 [email protected]
PUA-00900 Umme Humira 37 MBA B+ 01747252110 [email protected]
PUA-00901 Tasnim Khandoker 46 MBA O+ 01791967227 [email protected]
PUA-00902 Lipika Mitro 47 Master of Education O+ 01720402928 [email protected]
PUA-00903 Asia Rahman 48 MBA A+ 01792957932
PUA-00904 Fatama Akter Akhi 40 B.Sc in EEE A- 01813080622 [email protected]
PUA-00905 Kawsar Mahamud 41 MBA B+ 01777433822 [email protected]
PUA-00906 Md. Humayan Kabir 20 B.Sc in ETE B+ 01712821984 [email protected]
PUA-00907 Md. Rasel Amin Bhiyan 37 B.Sc in EEE AB+ 01831182164 [email protected]
PUA-00908 Shahadath Chowdhury 48 MBA AB+ 01679375908 [email protected]
PUA-00909 Rashimuzzaman 47 MBA O+ 01740990407 [email protected]
PUA-00910 ASMA UL HUSNA 35 BBA AB+ 01620855940
PUA-00911 Md. Rubel Hossain 39 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01733139199 [email protected]
PUA-00912 Anima Rajbongshi 47 Bachelor of Education O+ 01552443488 [email protected]
PUA-00913 Hasan Mahmud 39 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01761577008 [email protected]
PUA-00914 Md. Tanvir Iftekhar 48 MBA AB+ 01903318870 [email protected]
PUA-00915 Tariqul Islam 48 MBA B- 019158648554 [email protected]
PUA-00916 Md. Shahin Alam 41 B.Sc in EEE N/A 01737938894 [email protected]
PUA-00917 Tapos Daria 40 MBA A+ 01947190649 [email protected]
PUA-00918 Md.Sohel Rana 46 MBA O+ 01922401323 [email protected]
PUA-00919 Mohammed Mojibur Rahman 47 Bachelor of Education B+ 01711142298
PUA-00920 REJAUL 36 MBA AB+ 01723962110 [email protected]
PUA-00921 Fency Chakma 41 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01720982666 [email protected]
PUA-00922 Mohammad Ekram Khan 41 B.Sc in EEE A+ 0191407905 [email protected]
PUA-00923 Md. Zakir Hossain 40 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01917956410 [email protected]
PUA-00924 Amit Kumar Pal 40 MBA A+ 01931054753
PUA-00925 Md. Zillur Rahman 40 MBA O+ 01720252865 [email protected]
PUA-00926 Mohammad Jakir Hasan 39 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01737290371 [email protected]
PUA-00927 Feroza Begum 37 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01712942524 [email protected]
PUA-00928 Md. Sadequr Rahman 44 MBA A+ 01301376117 [email protected]
PUA-00929 Md. Zosim Uddin 44 MBA B+ 01710909655 [email protected]
PUA-00930 Md. Murad Hossain 35 BBA B+ 01718085064
PUA-00931 Md. Omor Faruk 35 BBA B+ 01797972534 [email protected]
PUA-00932 Antora Das Gupta 49 Bachelor of Education B+ 01782533253 [email protected]
PUA-00933 Md. Robiul Hossain 35 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01913472620 [email protected]
PUA-00934 Md. Mizanur Rahman 46 LLM (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01553428501 [email protected]
PUA-00935 Md. Manjur Morshed 30 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01721866728 [email protected]
PUA-00936 Md. Shamim Reja 38 BBA O+ 01718817228 [email protected]
PUA-00937 Rokshana Begum 49 Bachelor of Education B- 01712864085
PUA-00938 Md. Tofazzal Hossain 49 Bachelor of Education A+ 01841299500
PUA-00939 Md. Rasel Uddin 29 BBA A+ 01747254206 [email protected]
PUA-00940 Lipi Golder 48 MA in English B+ 01821825455
PUA-00941 Laila Hossain 48 LLM (1 Year) B+ 01749294601
PUA-00942 Nayemuzzaman 40 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01973849005 [email protected]
PUA-00943 Mohammad Nazmus Salahin 51 LLM (Preliminary And Final) A- 01910011000 [email protected]
PUA-00944 Md. Shahabul Alam 28 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01925550847
PUA-00945 Md. Imam Hosen 40 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01726845987
PUA-00946 Md. Monzarul Morshed 24 LLB (FINAL) N/A 01718439483
PUA-00947 Hadisur Rahman 31 B.Sc in EEE O+ 01722690341
PUA-00948 Mohammad Samad Ullah 43 Master of Education B+ 01716871359
PUA-00949 Md. Omor Faruk 49 MBA B+ 01797972534
PUA-00950 Ferdousi Rahman 43 Bachelor of Education B+ 01536255766
PUA-00951 Shuva Bhattachargee 39 LLB (Hons.) O+ 01839366222
PUA-00952 Md. Sohel Rana 35 BBA O+ 016386789978
PUA-00953 S. M. Khairul Islam 26 LLB (Preliminary And Final) B+ 01710219738
PUA-00954 Tania Aktar 40 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01910102855
PUA-00955 Md. Mahbub Alam 32 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01764011237
PUA-00956 Md. Nur Nabi 36 BBA A+ 01747236659
PUA-00957 Md. Liton Hossain 29 B.Sc in EEE B+ 01751555203
PUA-00958 Md. Nazmul Hassan 37 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01623732187
PUA-00959 Abu Raihan 38 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01746334603
PUA-00960 Md. Abdus Samad 29 LLB (Preliminary And Final) AB+ 01712192865
PUA-00961 Md. Rayibul Islam 49 MBA B+ 01919289063
PUA-00962 Sazeda Akter 38 B.Sc in CSE AB+ 01764333722
PUA-00963 Mohammad Azim Khan 43 Master of Education AB+ 01873636338
PUA-00964 Dolly Pramanic 41 Bachelor of Education A+ 01747164356
PUA-00965 Sulata Das 20 MBA A+ 01915601039
PUA-00966 Sharmin Sultana 50 Bachelor of Education B+ 01686335233
PUA-00967 Md. Habibur Rahman 40 LLB (Hons.) AB+ 01686271467
PUA-00968 Sonia Akter 40 B.Sc in EEE A+ 01303082431
PUA-00969 Md. Alamgir Hossain 48 MBA B+ 01670105066
PUA-00970 Nahidul Islam Lemon 35 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01642007007
PUA-00971 Sanjida Alam 40 B.Sc in CSE B+ 01516151780
PUA-00972 Rubaiat Islam 37 BA (Hons) in English B+ 01630114188
PUA-00973 Mymun Karim Topy 40 LLB (Hons.) B+ 01812333698
PUA-00974 Nadira Sultana 50 Bachelor of Education O+ 01680363628
PUA-00975 Md. Rojibur Islam 31 B.Sc in CSE O+ 01928455975
PUA-00976 Md. Shafiqul Islam 46 BA (Hons) in English A+ 01723524901
PUA-00977 Md. Abu Hannan 43 Master of Education O+ 01872727142
PUA-00978 Clinton Biswas 44 Master of Education AB+ 01787814527
PUA-00979 Md. Al-Amin Miah 37 MBA B+ 01711989172
PUA-00980 Sadia Afrin 58 Bachelor of Education A+ 01780677058 [email protected]
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