Executive Committee

Sl No. Name Position e.mail Cell No.
01Prof. Dr. M. Abdus Sobhan
President [email protected] 01711-566492
02Golam Sorwar
Dept. of Law
Senior Vice President [email protected] 01711-704837
03S. M. Mehedi Akram
Dept. of CSE
Vice President-1 [email protected] 01973-245450
04Kazi Md. Moniruzzaman
Dept. of Law
Vice President-2 [email protected] 01822-827289
05A N M Ibrahim Khan
Dept. of Law
Secretary General [email protected] 01615-219900
06Kh. Hasanuzzaman
Dept. of Business Adminstration
Joint Secretary-1 [email protected] 01717-038173
07Shuvodip Das
Dept. of ETE
Joint Secretary-2 [email protected] 01711-179879
08Md. Abdul Awal
Dept. of English
Joint Secretary-3 [email protected] 01925-991078
09Nahid Farzana
Dept. of Business Administration
Finance Secretary [email protected] 01714-208940
10Mahmud Hasan Nishan
Dept. of Business Administration
Organizing Secretary [email protected] 01819-698310
11Emdadul Hanif
Dept. of Law
International & Legal Affairs Secretary [email protected] 01611-907400
12Anwaor Hossain
Dept. of Business Administration
Publication & Publicity Secretary [email protected] 01866-966833
13Tania Nusrat
Dept. of Law
Cultural & Sports Secretary [email protected] 01716-383962
14Md. Syfullah Al Mamun
Dept. of EEE
Social Welfare Secretary [email protected] 01911-096886
15Md. Mehedi Hasan
Dept. of Business Administration
Membership & Office Secretary [email protected] 01795-880979
16Md. Moudud Ahmed
Dept. of Law
Executive Member [email protected] 01865-073388
17Md. Abu Hanif
Dept. of Business Administration
Executive Member [email protected] 01911-937082
18Mohammed Alamgir Kabir
Dept. of Law
Executive Member [email protected] 01727-109604
19Mir Asadur Rahman
Dept. of Law
Executive Member [email protected] 01711-521296
20Md. Halimuzzaman Mukul
Dept. of English
Executive Member [email protected] 01674-432080
21Sk. Zana Alam
Dept. of EEE
Executive Member [email protected] 01713-244744
22Dil Tanhur
Dept. of Law
Executive Member [email protected] 01612-644555
23Md. Milon Hossain
Dept. of Education
Executive Member [email protected] 01673-191539
24Mohammad Abu Talha
Dept. of CSE
Executive Member [email protected] 01790-675227
25Easadi Newaz
Dept. of English
Executive Member [email protected] 01799-499823