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Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering (CE) is the most exciting as well as the oldest discipline of the engineering subjects. The brilliant civil engineering minds have produced intelligent materials and newer designs resulting to energy-efficient and environment friendly green buildings. Now-a-days stronger but lighter materials with better elastic properties have been developed by the civil engineers which help design tall and skyscrapers which can withstand strong wind speeds and high magnitude earthquakes. Now, we are to think about what are the limits of challenges which cannot be met by the civil engineers. Now the civil engineers worldwide are to build roads, bridges, towers, tunnels, ports, water supplies, irrigation and flood mitigation systems for a world which is more stable and safe. Infrastructure needed for modern society needs the civil engineers first. The civil engineering department of Prime University thrives to produce civil engineers who can be entrusted to build the type of challenging structures just mentioned above.

Ambition Civil Engineering

The objective of the bachelor of Civil Engineering program in Prime University will be to produce high quality civil engineers who will be excellent in the area of the construction of energy-efficient houses, bridges and other structures related to water resources, transportation, environmental management, and such many other areas.


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